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Paris – L’hiver


One day I will go without having said everything …

[Note: This entry is still part of the ‘Tales of England’ series.]

A shoe-box to Kyrgyzstan

Farnham - evening sky

Farnham – evening sky

A roadside sign says: ‘Farnham – a craft town.’
Yes – that’s what it says – and in many ways they’re right:
Potteries – and wood-turners and people who make textiles – and such.
There’s a castle on a hill fit for a king
And a hedge made specially for the Queen Mother.
There’s lots of aspiration –
Well – if not to be a royal then at least to join the county set.
There’s loads and loads of money: Bentleys in British Racing Green,
And so many shiny Porsches – it takes your breath away.
There’s a lost glove stuck on the railings in the Victoria Garden;
And, there’s a tiny poster in an alley way:
Someone is giving a talk on ‘Human Rights abuses in Palestine’;
There’s a walk along the river Wey – and a sign saying:
‘The number of water voles is declining.’
There’s a church, a beautiful church in the heart of the town –
And the tomb of a famous man: A true radical.
If you walk through the churchyard you see a note:
It says: ‘The church is open. Please come in’
You go in: all is serene – and pretty: Christmas is coming.
You see a little stand – with photographs of children – and a notice that says:
‘Bring a smile to the face of a child in Kyrgyzstan:
Fill a shoe box with toys and gifts.’
And there’s a table scattered with toys – and a shoe box!
A shoe-box to Kyrgyzstan.