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A Boat Trip on the Thames

The Commissioner's launch - with flag

The Commissioner’s launch – with flag

We took a boat trip on the River Thames.

We were in the Commissioner’s launch. It was all very English – or perhaps I should say ‘British’: when we were near the Thames flood barrier we had tea and digestive biscuits. As we sipped our tea we looked up at a glum grey sky. The river, too, was grey – so grey that it might have been moved to hang itself.

The tea was served in beautiful white china cups – with saucers for added elegance.

Note: The Commissioner’s launch, the flag of which features in the photograph, is in the service of the Commissioner of the Metropolitan police.

… And Sigmund Freud said …

Football pitch - without any players

Football pitch – without the players

As I passed the deserted football pitch I imagined the players and their supporters and I imagined all their passion – the love and hate – the firing range of feeling – and I thought of Freud’s remark:

It is always possible to bind together a considerable number of people in love, so long as there are other people left over to receive manifestations of their aggressiveness.

As I walked on, now accompanied by the ghosts of footballers, the phantoms of a thousand crowds, I thought of the strange delights of camaraderie …

Note: The quote is taken from Sigmund Freud in: ‘Civilisation and its discontents‘, Chapter 5

‘Project Belgrano’ – Rich Mix, London

Project Belgrano: The lady in blue

Project Belgrano: The lady in blue

Hello. Oh, for heaven’s sake: a wrong number.

Note: The photograph shows Nadege Adlam as Margaret Thatcher (or someone rather like her) in the play ‘Project Belgrano‘. The photograph was taken by an in-house photographer at the Rich Mix Arts Centre, Autumn 2014.

Notes for an island people

Nadege in 'Project Belgrano'

Nadege Adlam in ‘Project Belgrano’

You can’t survive as an island alone …

[Note: The photograph was taken by an in-house photographer during the performance at Rich Mix, London of ‘Project Belgrano’, a play by Nadege Adlam and Paul Mauch.]