Paris: street art

Tiny voices
Tiny voices

Paris is full of clever or unsettling, cryptic or mysterious street art. Sometimes it lies underfoot on the pavements. Sometimes it finds itself stuck to drainpipes or lampposts. Then, again, it adorns all manner of walls. It may be huge in scope or minuscule. It’s often very good.

Here (in the photograph) is a piece of art that needs at least some decoding. It’s on a wall in one of the oldest parts of Paris. It shows two film-makers who are focussing their attention on what seems to be a tiny figure – perhaps a mouse. The meaning is elusive.

Footnote: The art-work shown in the photograph has been presented for several months in the Rue de La Ville Neuve, Paris 2eme. Sadly, it is now showing some signs of deterioration. I’ve called it ‘Tiny voices‘.

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