Last night, a dream …


Often I dream – and I usually enjoy my dreams. Sometimes I wish a dream would never end, would go on for ever. Sometimes the dream has a completely unexpected content; and, sometimes the dream re-engages with the past:

Last night I dreamed of Richard Brautigan.

He was looking his usual counter-cultural self. He was sitting on a plain old wooden chair and he was thinking. He was thinking about the USA. I watched him as he thought. Then he broke off from his thinking and said:

What do you call something that makes the US go up – but always ends on a downer?’

This time I was thinking. I was thinking about the answer to his question.

He lit a cigarette; then he looked across at me and said:

It’s a Trumpoline.’

Post script:
I had this dream during the night that followed a ‘most unusual’ press conference given by Donald Trump, President of the United States of America.

The photograph below features an early edition of Richard Brautigan’s book: ‘In watermelon sugar’. The one above is a dream, a fleeting moment …


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