A walk on Sunday


Just south of Farnham in Surrey there are number of distinct and beautiful places to visit for walks and for re-gaining ‘perspective’. There are the magical woods near Tilford and the serene ponds both great and small at Frensham …

On the evening of Sunday 12 July I drove to Frensham. I parked the car in a rough-hewn space and set off for a walk. I climbed a hill that I had never climbed before and, at its summit, I looked through the clear air towards the distant hills. I had the strange sense that I was on holiday even though I was less than 6 miles from my home. The heather was beginning to shade the land in mauve and purple. Pine cones were everywhere. A few Birch and Rowan trees edged along the grey-white sandy paths. I noticed, to my surprise, a tiny wren flitting – dancing even – in the undergrowth.

Through the tress I could look down and see the silver-blue waters of the lake. A few graceful terns twisted in the air and a great-crested grebe glided proudly across the water.

I was reminded of Monet’s remark that a painter has all that he or she ever needs within just a few kilometres from where they live.

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