Paris – in the Autumn

I spent three weeks in Paris. I walked the city. The style, the elegance – it’s still there. During my time in the ‘city of light’ I visited the ‘Musee Carnavalet’ on two separate occasions. This particular museum is devoted to the history of Paris. Admission is free and the exhibits are often breathtaking. Quite why I find them so mesmerising I do not really know – but the reconstructions of the 18th century drawing rooms that were once enjoyed by the nobility and the cultural elite of the city are sublime.

I looked at window displays and sometimes I felt as if I were a child from a novel by Dickens or perhaps more appropriately, a spectre from the writings of Victor Hugo, a child looking at the things, all just out of reach, the things he can never have. I saw the most gorgeous confections and some of the most desirable objects imaginable. And then I saw a wonderful poster for a famous film. It reminded me of the birth of the ‘cool’ …

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